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We specialise in serverless technologies specifically on AWS. We believe that focusing on serverless allows you to bring a product to market significantly faster and cheaper when done right. Because we only build on a very curated technology stack, chosen by us, we start building business value very quickly. Focusing on an AWS serverless stack has allowed us to get deep and broad knowledge of their offering so we can save you the "discovery" pain.

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We specialise in building "single page applications" using React. We have chosen React as a clear leader and used it in many projects with so many various tech stacks including Redux and MobX that we can help you succeed on the front-end with however you want to use it. We also believe in React Native as an excellent complement to React for your iOS and Android app.

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Digital tranformations; building performing delivery teams; embedding lean/ "just in time" production techniques... we have done it all. We are experienced in the complexities in hiring great developers and then helping a business maximise their value. We have been involved with some leading companies agile transformations helping them move into true agile ways of working.

Our clients


We led the rebuild of their frontend as a React/Redux SPA. Part of an agile transformation and replatforming to AWS Serverless technologies.


We helped build a new global wealth product. A discretionary fund management and financial advice system built in node.js microservices on AWS Serverless technologies.


We helped Giles Travel to build their new digital corporate travel booking product, building web services in .Net to coordinate with a GDS and Expedia web services.

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